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OpenMetering offers something unique in the Swedish market: A complete software platform without bindings, lock-in effects, contract periods, start-up or termination fees. You as a reseller get access to our platform to complement your own business where you sell, for example, meters, sensors and/or installation. OpenMetering provides a standardized way of working that makes it easy for you to get started and to work continuously with us. Regardless of whether your/your customers needs are IMD and/or IoT.

OpenMetering's software platform is the market's most complete and also most intuitive platform for any meter/sensor. Regardless of manufacturer and regardless of communication protocol.

The platform is completely web-based and allows access-controlled login accounts at several different levels. There is a special one for you as a reseller. One for your/your customers and in turn what is called "my pages" where they can keep track of their consumption and how they are compared to the average of their neighbors consumption.

Welcome to contact us and we will go through what needs you have and how we can help you move forward - or even better: Each other forward together!